This is a shrine dedicated to Sesshoumaru and Rin and the possible pairing of the two from the series Inuyasha.
I do not own any of the characters from or claim to own Inuyasha. All rights are reserved to it's original creator, Rumiko Takahashi.
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About the Site

This fansite was created in June 2015. This is a fansite I made dedicated to the possible pairing of Sesshoumaru and Rin from the popular anime series Inuyasha. My favorite character is definitely Sesshoumaru, and after catching up with the series, I just think that whether it be friendship or a possible future love interest, that Sesshoumaru obviously has shown such strong feelings for Rin as the only human he seems to care about and some of the moments they have are just too cute! I myself never really was a fan of the pairing but the idea really kind of grew on me, and I realized that I actually never really seen a shrine dedicated to the two in a very long time, if not ever (well not one that lasted very long or a very great one..) But I always had seen other pairings for Sesshoumaru except for a Sess/Rin one which in my personal opinion would be the most likely candidate out of all the characters to end up with his lord ;) I myself don't support the idea of a little girl with a grown demon man but it doesn't have to be about a love interest, they do share so many cute, innocent moments out of friendship/companionship. But I do think when Rin gets older it wouldn't be a problem that a possible love interest may arise? ;) I'm getting too far ahead of myself, but if you really want to learn more about the two, just take a tour around the site. There's sections and pages for that, ya know! Lol. But I really do hope you all enjoy the site, and I know the series seems to have faded over the years with popularity, it's still always going to be my favorite so I really love the idea of dedicating a shrine to each character and their possible pairing so have fun and please no haters!

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Rules and Regulations

You didn't think I was going to let you guys off that easy, did you? ;o Well, no, nothing really serious. But honestly, just a couple simple guidelines I ask from you guys as guests to this site. If you don't like it or can't obligue by the rules, then you can gladly check out the links out below.
  • You must be some kind of Sess/Rin fan whether it's approval of their friendship or a romantic relationship to appreciate this fansite. Or in other words, NO HATERS ALLOWED! I will not tolerate any spam, flamers, or unnessacary drama on this website just because you have a problem with it and are too immature to leave.
  • You may NOT steal any content and credit it as your own that you find on this site unless you're actually entitled to it but I usually credit something if it isn't mine or belonging to the actual series trademark.
  • Some content found on this site could be considered innappropriate for anyone under the age of 18. The series Inuyasha itself has been noted for it's violence, profanity and some nudity so I am not held responsible if you are underage and don't listen to this forewarning.
  • All in all, respect others and this fansite and we'll all get along just fine! Thank you for reading!

Links Out/Affiliates

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The Webmistress

My name is Ashlee Taylor. I've been an anime fan for as long as I can remember actually. I'm not as crazy over it as I was years ago, but the series Inuyasha is definitely still my all time favorite and of course my favorite anime character being Sesshoumaru, as I've stated above, you can see why I wanted to dedicate a little fansite about my favorite series and characters. I'm creative, unique, random, and overall a fun-loving girl. I actually have a little boy, and I myself was born 03.20.1990. I own my own business and make my own hours, and also go to school minoring in massage therapy and majoring in psychology. I've always majoring in graphic design and loved computers and making websites also. Honestly, if you're really interested in learning more about me, visit my most updated websites:
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