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This is a fansite/fanlisting for Sesshoumaru's mother. Yes I know, she only really appears one time throughout the whole series, but everyone else has their own fanlisting and all and I noticed that Sesshoumaru's mother (probably being that she looks like a female version of Sesshoumaru) has gotten a lot of popularity just from her debut appearance in the show and even though it never mentions her actual name, a lot of fans made one for her which is where the nickname Inukimi comes from. ...


I do NOT own the series or any characters from Inuyasha. All rights are reserved to Rumiko Takahashi, who is the creator of the magna/anime.


Got the main site up and running but still a lot of work to do, especially since I'm also managing Beauty and the Beast, a Sess/Rin fansite and a few other personal websites of mine. But slowly and surely, I'm adding all the pages and getting it done so just be patient and in a few more days it will be up and running and almost finished! ;)

News and Updates!

06.08.15. Adding all the important pages for now and will keep updating on anything else I will put up in the next few days. Thanks!